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Laptop extremely slow to wake up from sleep mode

baxic program background suddenly changes

BSOD whilst downloading from U torrent

Using Same Product Key.

rundll 32.exe problem

struggling to boot back to windows 8.1 after installing windows 7

Can I customize the icons of pinned files in a Jump List?

Every folder freezes

Care and Maintenance of SSD's

BSOD with torrent

hidden icons show slow

Windows not starting up-infinite loop and black screen

BSOD's after upgrading my pc

BSOD ks.sys su Windows 7 Ultimate

More options for wallpaper slideshow

windows 7 Home edition not activated.cant install?

BSOD when gaming.

Windows won't load past Starting Windows screen

No Sound: Restart Fixes - Why? Howto without?

Windows 7 print sharing with Mac's

Adding Icons to default location?

Replicating Windows Critical Updates To Many Same Model PCs

How do I figure out what's causing my computer to freeze and restart?


BSOD message after Windows Update

Taskbar shortcuts not working at startup

Is my PC able to run Windows 7 Smoothly ?

Taskbar application preview does not appear over the active program

Windows Updates 6/22/10

Folder deleting mystery

Issues with desktop background slideshow

Recent items

Unable to get past 'starting windows' screen

system image backup failure - 0x8007001B

Windows Update crippled my system!

Randomly having BSOD & sometimes freezes

Windows 7 zooms in without me doing anything

Laptop Wireless shuts off

Explorer Problem : Renaming only taking after refresh

System does not hibernate

homegroup cannot find the other computer

Anyone with video size problems with GeForce xx00GTS?

Win7 Wireless and Wired issues

Custom Icons Keep Resetting

Have applications open in the same taskbar place without pin

nwifi.sys BSOD. Dump Files Included.

Stop UAC Prompts For Auto Start App

Homegroup sharing problems

Libraries auto-shared through media streaming?

BSOD after Windows startup - no issues in Safe Mode - 0x00000124

Folder columns change based on content

BSOD while downloading using uTorrent

Sick PC Maybe Got a Virus

Associating IMEpad with Notepad?

Remove Built-in Programs in Windows 7

Shut Down & Start Up sounds DO NOT work

Very slow Intel screen at boot

Syncing Libraries Between Homegroup Computers

Cannot input admin password into UAC pop-up

Deleting an empty partition also deletes a partition with data.

Moving windows animation gone

Computer not getting past windows logo anymore.

Boot menu with three options

conxeant high defnition driver need

Windows update corrupting files.

Win 7 Ult sleep

Unable to boot windows

Windows 10 "upgrade" has given me 1 hour

I think yesterday's updates destroyed my computer. HELP

Favorite folder stuck inside another favorite folder

BSOD Driver Hang

BSOD at random (short delays)

Chinese appear as gibberish in programs.

Realtek AC'97 Audio - Cant hear any sound from headphones or speakers.

PC randomly restarts for the last 2 weeks

No windows logo when booting

BSOD Windows 7 running on Macbook Pro

Random Freeze without BSOD

Windows sound not too aidible compared to media

Windows Activation Problems

BSOD after sudden hang

Can't activate windows after change of hardware

Windows updates failing

Installing Windows 7 From Windows 8 - No Disk Space?

Screen Suddenly Frozen and sudden shut-downs during sle

Question on installing programs in admin mode

Unable to sync iPhone 4 with iTunes on Win 7 Home Premium 64bit

Slow performance lately?

Critical Error: ID 41 Kernel-Power when playing games

Homegroup working but not working

Homegroup - Computer displaying in

BSOD loop after windows update

No 5.1 speaker config

General HomeGroup problems

Please need help. Windows not minimizing to taskbar?

Can't get a program to open after upgrade from 7 Home to 7 Pro

Various BSOD messages

Jumping mouse problem [Tablet]

Move Icons to left of taskbar?

New mobo = Buy new windows / office?

High Latency since Windows 7

How to change task bar transparency and color?

Windows address bar is not loading the drives

Sleep/Hibernate power problems after upgrade

Need to rebuild MBR for SSD System Drive UEFI

Computer Hard Hang - Kernel 41 Error

Stuck at hibernating

Windows Mail default fixed.

Blue Screen Error. I have the WinDbg Script

Remove win7 system image

Cant turn off Homegroup

Slow response when renaming files

Why doesn't ReadyBoost show up under Services ?

USB drivers for mouse and keyboard are crashing randomly

A program that will rip / burn music

Software Won't Open on Start-up

Installed 7 retail now cannot access D:

Windows explorer and interface very slow

Windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.04 Dual boot problems

Card reader not functioning properly after downgrade from Windows 10

Help - Problem with wired connection and Windows 7

Windows Fails to Load

How do I get the log in screen to stop showing my log in on startup?

Windows 8 upgrade and want to keep all data on old HD that has win 7

Keyboard+mouse freeze on logon screen

What's the best method of restoring select files to a new drive?

windows 7 failing install. (no error number)

Cannot get rid of drive letter in My Computer

File Editing Permissons over Homegroup

Laptop taking too long to sleep.

If you right click and Format your c drive do you loose your license k

can you change the taskbar clock and icons

Constant reboots after Windows Update

All icons gone from desktop after updates

Sound Card Driver Has a Dificult Time Installing

Creative X-Fi external sound card woes

Replace Pro with Ultimate and move Pro to different box

why does windows always updating almost everyday?

Is it advisable to install 99 critical updates at the same time?

? About Defragging

Random BSODs on new computer (no specific moments)

Uncontrollable Volume Fluctuations

Homegroups - lost access

Hibernate startup fails after second hibernate

Windows Mail Hidden

Print queue won't clear

Sleep or Hibernate

Activation of Windows 7 after Re-image using Acronis

Wireless Driver Issue

BSOD when gamming

BSODs randomly and frequently

Dealing with (battling) Windows 7 Security

PC Crashed randomly.

Updates causing Windows boot failure

Fixed Windows - But Now Grub is Gone?

Can't open netplwiz or control userpasswords2

Windows Explorer disappeared from toolbar/acting weird

PC reboots daily at 11:45pm

need help with strange (glitch?) with sound randomly not working

0xc0000225 error due to dual boot that morphed into 0xc0000098 error

Remove User picture from start menu?

Taskbar icons on 125% scaling are jagged / blurry

Change GodMode Icon


shortcut icons on desktop

Task Manager Wrong?

Random loss of LAN

BitLocker reliability when encrypting selective folders only

USB mouse slower than touchpad's mouse

Windows Activation code for upgrade

Windows 7 Fresh Install(s) - Corrupt/Crash/BSoD(?) - Repeated

Windows minimize on their own

Monitor problem during installation.

random BSOD 0xc0000005 -fresh Windows 8 x64 install

My user has disappeared on the start page

Cant get windows installed on pc

PC won't standby

Laptop won't see networked computers

windows 7 random reboot even at idle

Strange Request: Set Logon Screen After Display Is Turned Off.

Unable to switch between headphones & speakers while using iTunes

Issues with hiberfil.sys / safemode / admin / et al

Microsoft Really Getting Sneaky On Windows 10

second BSOD-could it be the norton again?

Dell Windows 7 Boot Disk will not function (0xc0000001)

Copying windows.old over windows?

Win 7.64 Rebooting (Critical Error 41 Kernel-Power)

Lockup on startup with USB Dongle after Windows Update

BSOD Issue - Random Crashes

a network device is turning off during sleep or restart

Running Windows 10 Pro

Exclude Folder from Indexing

Direct 3D and DirectDraw Acceleration problem.

Installing windows to a new SSD with data preservation

Graphics Display Issues

Clean Install Problem

recurrent BSOD and crashes even after format and reinstall of windows

critical update stopping windows boot

remote shutdown buttin from locked screen

Troubles with LAN connection

How to make the printer device picture show up in Devices?

Freeze at login

Win7 retail can't autoactivate - reason?

Windows Update broke MMC (ATI driver?)


Monitor Crashing my Computer?

windows 7 retail or oem windows 7?

Re-used family pack activation issue following disk crash

Problem Downloading Office Files

ASUS N61JV regular crashes

BSOD Crashes continously for every 10-30 minutes

BSOD random with sound loop

Is Windows7 (Starter) MBR compatible with Windows XP MBR?

uninstalled windows mail

Can't Boot or repair - NETIO.SYS missing/corrupt

Programmes Which Activate the UAC

Windows startup frozen

HELP! my cool " taskbar" vanished!

Win 7 - Core i7 but HD thrashing?

Trying to Get Rid of Windows Search

File Explorer crashing (constantly)

Can I Rearrange Items on Taskbar?

Minimize to right sside of lower taskbar

Upgrade from Home to Proffessional

yet another USB Eject Problem

CD/DVD player will not automatically load programs

No administrative rights plss help

Changing windows setup language

Window will not boot after some updates. Recovery disk does not work.

Laptop audio problems possibly involving built in VIA High Def Audio

Random BSODs and screen freezes

Pinned Taskbar Items Disappearing when Program Opens

Problem: Can't open windows live mail without boxes showing up

BSOD while downloading with Bittorrent/utorrent

Built-in Webcam Problems

problems with older programs

Expert advice please. Windows installation disc not starting. Help.

Power management keeps forgetting settings

BSOD upon uninstalling avast & installing kaspersky

dwm.exe high memory usage normal?

Unable to connect to the internet after standby

Slow start/reboot/shut downs

[Help] New PC Freezing

Screen Auto Locks after 1min

issue with drivers

Computer does not detect homegroup

Can I stop automatic shutdown from terminating running applications?

Upgrade to Win7 x64 from 32 with new HD but keep all existing settings

BSOD daily while downloading.

Inactivity requiring password and screensaver not working

Upgade problems

Install windows problem

HomeGroup Directories don't REFRESH in Explorer x64

Windows 7 x64 Hang/Crash No BSOD

Folders Dont function

hp7130 printer won't work with Windows 7

USB mouse cant be installed in USB second port

Can I install Window 10 on the same HDD with W7?

Frequent windows crashing

UAC setting not accessible

Recent Windows Update fixed my "restart" and other hardware issues!

apps sometimes minimize

W7 START PROGRAMS (opens 1 column) is there a multi Col option?

set network connection priority

Homegroup hell!

Can't type anywhere and youtube full screen mode is closing by it self

Win 7 isn't working right AT ALL

Wireless PCI Driver Issue

Problems with wireless network in win7

Windows 7 Widescreen Nvidia drivers - Problem

BSOD about 12minutes after bootup

SFC errors immediately after Factory Install

BSOD on boot from clean install bug code 0xc000021a

Why can't I change my power options?

Deleting an empty launch bar from the taskbar?

BSOD with driver_irql_not_less_or_equal message

How do I do an upgrade repair?

edited mp3's won't play on XP

Keylogger issue

Sound Cuts out when playing games with headphones

Sound Problem!

Decrap My PC - New Release **Warning**

does directx 10 stay on your computer.

System boot fail resulting BSOD / OS isn't listed in Repair Tool

Windows 7 Random Restarting at Idle

How to get rid of "Get Windows 10" popup for good?

third time BSOD lucky. help!

My Windows Is Not Display Korean Language

2 Windws 7 niggles that aren't going away as I use it

Windows 7 locks on start-up

Random BSOD Error Codes OxOOOOOO1e

Question Regarding Product Keys

Changing the System Partition

updated from 7 to 10

BSOD BugCheck Error 0x0000001e

Start Menu and Search

New System crashes after installing applications.

windows unresponsive

Enterprise Upgrade version offered through work. Installation Question

windows 10 is a nightmare thinking of going back to windows 7

An 'Open with' window appears after login

How to delete protected folders/files from previous install

permanently display only custom columns for all folders (old and new!)

Computer Crashing!

BSOD when playing Darksiders - IRQL not less or equal.

Can't USB Tether after fresh install

RPCRT4.dll crash

Windows Aero Window Dragging

Random Hangs no BSOD

Windows activates with no product key.

Wireless Adapter Will See Network Connection

BSOD and total freezes often. HELP

Reset from Windows 10 to Windows 7 after 30 days

Waterfox 16.01 will not set as default

Audio device problems after installing updates

One initial Install Restart

Win 7 0x80070570 install error

Applications stealing focus.

windows 7 won't boot past "starting windows" screen

Bsod random crash

BSOD during random times

Wrong 7 version installation

Minor Issues with Windows Explorer

SB X-Fi Extreme Audio Won't Install

Tell me about Windows 7

Random crashes without BSOD

MBR issues and questions - how to wipe it?

2 Problems after upgrading graphics card

Windows 7 - upgrade or not upgrade?

Random BSOD's - New Computer

Buttons on Taskbar stretch to fill entire Taskbar

Windows wont use over half of my memory

Backup from windows 10 :pc won't boot anymore

2 audio outputs? Help with sound card

Windows logon ui.

Windows 7 License after Windows 10 Upgrade

full sceen app stops computer dead

Realtek network card not working with external sound card installed

BSOD - Black Screen couple minutes before BSOD

Windows 7 in bad state after Windows 10 upgrade attempt

Windows can not activate

RAM overload on my computer

create recovery tool on 1gb usb drive?

Homegroup not working

How do I change the position of individual buttons in the taskbar?

Notebook 'can't display desktop'

Windows freezing and no wifi card

Reinstall ISO available for purchase on DVD?

BSOD on startup - page_fault_in_nonpaged_area - can't access safe mode

No bootable device - even after fresh windows 7 install!

Can't Remove Start Menu Pic & Frame- Tried All Methods I Could Find

No help with trouble shooter in network or homegroup

Sound issue (Conexant sound driver)

Window content does not refresh after moving a file

Windows is not genuine message and extremely slow

Cannot Print to Network Printer

allowing UAC for specific programs

downloading updates frozed

Start Menu Freeze When Hovering Over Link to Machine that's Turned Off


Win 7 Pro x64 fonts messed up

BSOD - Bugcheck code: 0x124 (0x0

Cannot open or uninstall program

How many installed Windows 10 and then went back to Windows 7?

uTorrent crashing Windows 7 64bit

Taskbar will no longer auto-hide

activation OK but validation NOT ?

Windows 7 only offering low quality Default Format audio settings!

Folder Thumbnails

Having major problems with windows Crashing.

Random BSODs. are back

Regional & Language Options bug?

Output gamesound through two outputs at the same time

Windows issue

load cursor appears every 15 minutes?

Recent BSOD and frequent crashing

On going Random Crashing Kernel 41

USB External Drive doesn't power off when safely ejecting

Windows Explorer crashes whenever I try to resize/snap the window

recovery folder with winre.wim file?

Deleting items from the explorer left nav tree

software wont install

Login help with two purchased off-lease corporate pcs

BSOD ks.sys please help!

Any "gotchas" when backleveling from Win10 to Win7?

BSOD at random times. Error 0x3B / 0x1000007E / 0x1E

Windows Sort of Stops Working From Time to Time

Stupidity signed Microsoft or. !

Display Issues (Screen Refresh Problem?)

Can't find these drivers

Music lagging terrible windows 7

Opening Windows On Multiple Displays

Strange freezing problem and administrator problem

How to uninstall preinstalled software

Recurring Problem with Updates

IDT HD sound only sound on left!

Where to get a legit copy (I bought a key

Windows back-up SW won't work

BSOD and random freezing

Korean And Chinese Fonts/Chracters show as Square boxes

Activation issue using Upgrade software on new HDD

Modify Desktop Icons

Windows would not boot

Norton 360 goes awol after window update

Windows logon screen color change

Windows Update Sufficient for Driver Updates?

RES Stuck at 1024x768

cant access my documents after a browsing sesion

My Computer - Rate 1/10

Difference between MouseHoverTime vs. ExtendedUIHoverTime?

bad update error and prevents roll back of update.

Cannot change Display Language

Problem with Homegroup

Desktop background slide show option

network stutters

upgrade to windows 10

fresh install

AppDB Registry Import for Fixing Missing Notifications

Use the media creation tool for clean install?

Live Mail imports only partially from OE .dbx file

Can you get another computer to wake up and sleep when?

Drag-drop/icons layout/moving windows not working - Tried everything!

Cursor Flicker/Refresh Issue

search box/up top/unresonsive

Severely Corrupt System

Win 7 Not Sleeping when a Imac is running near by!

Windows 7 dropping wireless connection

problem default device

Wipe HD first or Upgrade to 7 Pro first?

I need some advise on two (2) desktops

Event Viewer help? Need to diagnose unexpected shutdown on new build

Preparing for eventual upgrade to Win 7 release.

Importing programs into new user accounts

Problems with network card after reboot

Best way to recover from "sleep" without using the Power Button?

install failed twice

Windows 10 Update Bully

Brightness not accessible when returning from sleep mode

switching taskbar from window previewing to title-only prieviewing?

File Explorer - Details Column Drop Down Arrow Filter Menus

Win 7 64 bit Upgrade Activation problem

Really need help - No system fuctions; D:/ driver don't work

Computer crashing. Event logs and dump files included.

Getting More Details in Explorer?

Eudora and Windows 7

Windows restarts 3-5 times to properly see the login page

external monitor during setup of windows

OEM 7 Pro Refurbished activation after fresh install of OS

Win7 SSD boot with ALL User

Windows Explorer File layout and defaults.

Major Freezing Issues

No password for joining Homegroup

BSOD happen every turn on my laptop from sleep 15 - 30 minutes

Random freezes/crashes with no BSOD or error message

How to back up the "Indexing Options" settings? [registry/system file?

Printer gone

Drivers Problem!

BSOD randomly. Plus

Last build of Windows to use a beta key.?

Strange Concentric Circles on Desktop

Getting UAC prompt when clicking Advanced system settings

Cannot write to network drive although in same Homegroup

I have been getting random BSOD's

Managing System Image & Backups

Computer Freezing At Windows 7 Welcome Screen And Desktop

BSOD while streaming online content and multitasking

BSOD ntoskrnl.exe+f11e4 PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA 0x00000050

bsod driver_irql_not_less_or_equal Help!

HDD space mysteriously near completely filled

Scrollbar Changes from normal to thin without my permission

Windows 7 backup won't start (64 bit home premium)

Taskbar preview delay

DNS Fails after any change to Adapter settings.

defrag display

How to use Windows 10 Theme for Windows 7

Desktop computer disappearing and reappearing on network (from Laptop)

Display size problems

Folder not refreshing automatically

Random Hangs With Fresh Install

installing windows 7 gives strange problem

Worth upgrading from Win 7/64 Pro to Windows 10?

Home or Pro upgrade

taskbar not on top

Is there a way to disable sleep while certain programs are running?

How See Digital Clock From Task Bar Clock?

Looking for solutions to several small Windows 7 Annoyances

Problems with Dell Installation

So.lots of Explorer issues. Fixable?

my screen freezes but computer doesnt. help please

User accounts frozen and new one created - ESET issue

Windows DEP won't save my settings?

Random freezing

Network card keeps disabling

Constant random BSODs

BSOD randomly but very frequently

BSOD STOP error 0x0000010d

Randoms BSOD

Can't open any folder properties

windows7 BSOD using torrent

Sound Popping during gaming

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