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DVD-rom may work only after restart

Cant use USBs

built in speakers / headphone issues

Clear Type text not working but only in Yahoo search

Windows Explorer is not responding when I try to erase DVD-rw discs

Problems connecting an external screen

Having RDC Issues

Problems with cordless keyboard/mouse combo

Onboard LAN and external NIC card not working

Acer USB Issues

Keyboard Not Functioning if i press NUM Lock

Onboard videocard not working.

AC adapter problem

Wireless internet card not working

Track ball problem

Issue with left clicking and dragging with mouse/touch pad

Multiboot and internet issue

Some of my Keyboard Keys are not Responding

USB problem Win 7 64 bit

problems with usb

Microphone issue

usb issue win 7

Windows no longer recognizes kbd and mouse - can't fix without them!

help needed with usb ports not working

My mousepad doesn't work with the two taps

Acer Aspire 6530G Keyboard problem

Internet Connection Working But Web Pages Do Not Load. Skype Works!

No sound whatsoever coming out of my PC.

Microphone Issue please help!

Touch pad keys not working on Samsung notebook

USB ports in HP Pavilion Windows 7 not working

ctrl + c & right shift + c broken

Wifi Stops Working

Keyboard Glitch on Startup

Realtek HD Audio/Creative Xtreme Soundcard No rear speakers.

Rdp not working after windows update

USB issue - Windows 7

Sennheiser PC 363D headset not working

Browser not working properly

UsB port won't work anymore :(

USB Problems

Laptop Arrow keys not working!

windows seven doesn't detect my keyboard

Vista to Win7 - HP Pavilion's useless Buttons-Fn Keys

Lenovo Y560 Internet not working

Office 2007 hyperlink problem.

Keyboard Problem (Ctrl and Shift keys don't work correctly)

shutdown.exe doesn't work

Acer AOA150 microphone trouble (ASAP)

standard keyboard shortcuts stopped working

keyboard doesnt work after upgrade windows 7

PDF Previews Not Working

HDMI to TV no longer working

Power Options don't work

Laptop not doing anything

[Urgent] Computer not working normally please help

USB keyboard & mouse not responding

FN keys doesn't work

Bluetooth devices disappeared / not working on Samsung laptop

Issue with Keyboard/Mouse recognition.

Hyperlinks not working

Microphone is not recording

webcam stop working

Inbuilt mic not working at all

My mic doesnt work

keyboard and touchpad stopped working after resart

Onboard Audio not working

Side speakers not working

Touchpad and mouse

HDMI PC to TV - problem!

HP Mini crispified my mouse adapter?

Autoplay/autorun not working

Notebook touch-pad not working anymore.

Sound is not working but its not mute

USB Ports not working after Instal

LAN doesn't work- connection is broken

4 Monitor Setup - Not Working - Help Plz

Problem with my mouse under windows 7

Can't clear "ctrl V" clipboard

Alt+Enter Mysteriously Stopped Working

driver problem with win 7

Windows 7 64 boots but doesn't work

USB drivers not being read

Facebook and HP Webcam

Compaq Presario audio problem

Any ideas -Port opened in FW but won't work

Fn + F5/F6 Brightness control not working after sleep (Sony Vaio)

Hardwire Connection Not Working?

YouTube issues

Left Mouse Click on Laptop Touchpad stopped working

Keyboard doesn't respond once game starts

HP DV2000 Touchpad problem

my webcam and cd drive won't work

desktop icons not working

HP ENVY dv7 laptop keyboard not working after forced Win 10 update

Logitech Wireless Mouse Problem

USB Controller problem

Brightness buttons don't work

Please Help Dual Monitor Display Issue

How can I make ?tapping the mousepad (touchpad) to work as a click?

Weird misspelled usb keyboard in windows 7 control panel

I have some issue with RDP

Wireless Connectivity - Can't get the hotkey's to work

HDMI output from PC to TV not working anymore.

How do I enable touchpad vertical scrolling?

Space Key Causing Problems!

I dont get 5.1 sound

Problem with some keys not responding on keyboard

Suddenly email links/hyperlinks stopped working

2 Keys On Keyboard Not Working Properly

New driver killed USBs

Mouse (not responding)

Only backspace works on startup

Startup and keyboard problems

keys don't work on booting

Usb headset not working

hp pavillion dv 5000 mute button light off.

Problems with search bars

Touchpad/Keyboard Non-Responsive. Please Help!

Some keys in my laptop keyboard doesn't work

Suddenly cant hear anything from my speakers

Touchpad and mouse do left click without button being pressed

Aero Snap question.

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