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Preparing/ Securing A Used Desktop To Sell


If you have a computer with a solid-state drive -- or a smartphone or tablet with an SSD -- files deleted from the SSD are immediately deleted if TRIM is enabled, Next, click on Install now, accept the license terms, choose Custom (advanced), and select the unallocated space to install Windows to. Sometimes a disposal fee is required, but there are many free options out there too.There are various recycling programs for old computers available through companies like Best Buy, Radio Shack, and others, Even more amazing though are people who don’t even bother to delete data first; they just sell the phone or throw away the machine as is. check over here

It's also a handy way to securely erase files, folders, partitions, and more. Instead, they'd better clear computer for better performance. 4. Deauthorize Any DRM Purchases Worrying about content you purchased shouldn't be necessary, but sadly, it still is in many situations. Done!

How Do I Clear My Laptop Before Selling It

If the value is 1, it is inactivated. Download the program, copy it to another USB drive with the USB/DVD tool, and restart your computer with the drive plugged in. Luckily, there’s a quick an easy way to deauthorize all your currently regisered devices at once – however, you can only do this once per year. For older devices and the more intrepid hacker types, Titanium Backup (rooted only) is apparently the prefered method.

  1. For PC: take apart the computer case, blow the dust with hair drier or clean dust with dust collector, then sweep dust hidden in slots or gaps with brush, wipe all
  2. Once TRIM is enabled, files deleted from SSD will be erased from their original place immediately so that there is no chance to recover them.
  3. Even just reinstalling Windows can use up an authorization several times on the same computer.
  4. Odds are, a penny-pinching buyer is out there eager to save big by buying your second-hand hardware.
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  6. After getting or buying a new PC or laptop, many people choose to sell the old one or donate it to charities since the old one will be no longer used
  7. Most brand name PCs and laptops come with restore CDs which will put your PC back to the way it was when you purchased it; use the license key that’s indicated
  8. Of course, users who have done a clean installation of the operating system are likely not to be able to use the recovery partition for obvious reasons.
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During this time, your computer may restart for several times. What to do before selling your computer Always backup first! More like this Fast Fixes for Common PC Problems Jazz Up Your Old PC with 15 Free Downloads 57 Amazing Things You Didn't Know Your Tech Could Do! How To Wipe A Computer Clean And Start Over A drive failed on me out of warranty so took a hammer to it:) Reply Michael Hart September 3, 2012 at 7:33 pm Strong magnets are far easier and much more

Before letting go, be sure to follow this quick check list to prepare your device for its new owner. In addition, a product key is required to activate Windows. where as the backup itself is a huge discussion ... On an Apple computer running Macintosh OS Lion or Mountain Lion, you don't need the system disk, but for earlier Mac systems, you do.

Use SuperDuper on a Mac, or read Tina’s excellent tutorial for Windows 5 Ways To Clone & Copy Your Hard Drive 5 Ways To Clone & Copy Your Hard Drive Read How To Wipe A Computer Without Reinstalling Windows Click Next to begin the installation of Windows 7. Tip: Only Windows 7 and later released Windows OS give support on TRIM, and Windows 7 just supports TRIM for ordinary (SATA) drives and does not support this command for Storport But for a HDD, when users delete a file, system just marks a deletion mark showing space taken up by this file is available for new files, and the real file

How To Wipe A Computer Windows 10

Thumb drives are so small now that you hardly notice them.Sometimes that old doorstop of a computer might still be worth having around. How Do I Securely Wipe a Computer? How Do I Clear My Laptop Before Selling It Windows should automatically boot from the disc, but if not you can change the settings in your BIOS to make it work. How To Wipe A Computer Windows 7 Without Disc Reply Joel Alar September 6, 2012 at 1:54 am as a best practice, we use a data disposal software to surely wipe all the data inside the harddrive for data securitty

Try Partition Wizard Now! check my blog Reply Gino Louie Peña September 7, 2012 at 6:54 am as mentioned in the article or blog use DBAN it is a free softare that will securely wipe out your data, Used diskpart on a usb stick, useful to know I can use it on hdd's. If there are not so many files to backup (like several GB), you can copy and paste them to another storage device, which is so easy. How To Clean Up A Laptop To Sell

If your computer is running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you can always upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft's operating system, and sell it as a Windows 10 device. That way data is encrypted and after a simple format it can be sold/transferred. Once the reset completes, you will get into the out-of-box experience for Windows 10. this content Detailed steps: For laptop: make the laptop vertical to the ground or desktop, clean dust with the brush slightly, and use the cotton rag which is with detergent or clean water

Of course, these numbers represent activations from upgrades and new computers. Safeerase The process for readying a Mac for sale is similar in theory but different in practice. Therefore, it is very necessary to check and align misaligned partitions.

Step 2: Download and install a free drive clone software.

However, if there are dozens of GB or more files to be backed up, you'd better clone the partition or disk, which could save you much time. The iTunes account can only be changed once every 90 days though. For tips on buying and selling on Craigslist, see "10 Craigslist Tips for Power Users". How To Wipe A Laptop Windows 7 How you do this really depends on what you have on your computer.

Not only will it likely sell for more if it looks good, it might also run a little smoother. Here we just take installing Windows 7 from CD for example. If you're running an earlier version of OS X, follow the same steps but start by putting the system disk in the drive and restarting the computer while holding down the http://gagc.net/how-to/wireless-router-and-a-desktop.php Important: If you don't complete the out-of-box experience, remember to supply the product key when you sell your computer as necessary.

If you're selling on Craigslist, you might want to create a dummy user account so you can show the person buying the computer that it works. The data itself – the 0s and 1s that make up that file, are still there. Ads by Google Android devices vary greatly, but Ice Cream Sandwich version 4 and up automatically back up purchases and settings to your Google Play account. So, do you need elaborate and complicated systems to do this kind of secure formatting?

And Vista Services Optimizer zaps unnecessary background services that slow Windows Vista.Common QuestionsHow much is my used computer worth? However, if you want to clean the whole hard disk, please select the disk and choose "Wipe Disk" feature. After the last restart is finished, please set user name, computer name, password, etc. what should i do? (i'm using ext4 fs) i mean, should i use an app to delete/change the data of deleted files or ext4/linux delete/change the data when i delete the

Arndt Aug 7, 2013 DijutalTim/FlickrAdvertisement - Continue Reading BelowI'm selling my computer and want to erase it before delivering it to its next owner. This is where secure deletion comes in, in various levels of complexity. RELATED ARTICLEBeginner Geek: How to Reinstall Windows on Your Computer On computers running Windows 7 or earlier, follow our guide to reinstalling Windows -- either from a Windows installation disc or Now, with Windows 10 already out on the market and new devices with much-improved hardware, you're probably ready for an upgrade.

Let's say your notebook has a copy of Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop. Therefore, both of them could make the computer you want to sell or donate run faster. Reply James Bruce September 3, 2012 at 3:11 pm The boot CD mentioned will work for Windows or Linux drives; or you can use the shred command from within ubuntu: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/85636/how-do-i-erase-my-disk-in-a-secure-way-ubuntu