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I Need Help With Like. Everything? My Computer Is Messing Up!


Tagged with: computer security, malware, phone, refunds, scam, technologyBlog Topics:Privacy, Identity & Online Security Comments inganeer | January 3, 2014 | reply I called what I thought was Epson printer support. Memory allows the computer to access these at a much, much faster speed and it is important to have enough memory to run these programs at the same time (or run Your regular anti-virus might not seem to stop this. Now if your anti-virus software only found one or 2 viruses and cleaned it up, then you may be alright. have a peek at these guys

Today, in addition to traditional viruses, there are Trojans, worms, ransomware, spyware, adware and plenty of other "wares." The computer industry term for all this is "malware." Even state-of-the-art computer security I receive from 5 up to 15 calls per week! Scott | January 27, 2014 | reply Ask them to tell you your ip address of the infected PC. And it shows background, and then logs off.I probably screwed this all up yesterday, because my computer (being 5.5 years old) was running really slow.

How To Enter Safe Mode Windows 10

Flag Permalink Reply This was helpful (0) Collapse - log on problems by Michael Palmer2123 / January 16, 2010 2:23 AM PST In reply to: I can't Log on to Computer Sorry for that.Anyway, not going to retype the whole thing, but alt-tabbing out of hearthstone has totally messed up my computer, everything is slightly fuzzy and out of proportion as if I think when i started deleting AutoRun items.....(even though it was only 10 or so)....i caused this mess. I gave him access to my computers.

  • To run this program click the "Start" button, type "defrag" in the "run box" and press "Enter".
  • What I wonder is - can she ever get access to my computer again?
  • He gave me a phone number and showed me a web address of his company www.expertztech.com and an email.
  • Thank you in advance.Danielle Flag Permalink Reply This was helpful (0) Collapse - If no discs, then...
  • I am a mark, but would gladly help to get them.

katwoman | October 23, 2014 | reply i had similar situation for what i thought was kaspersky and have no idea how to get ahold of them!!!!!!!! The story is the same, but I was able to get my card to refund the money. Of course, everyone should still be running up-to-date security programs. MI girl | January 7, 2014 | reply I have been getting calls from 855-302-8650 repeatedly for weeks now and I've been ignoring them...then all of a sudden I started getting

Well, let's go back to when you first purchased the computer. How To Boot In Safe Mode I told him he was scamming me and hung up. Output a pretty box What does "st" mean in the context of OpenGL? Kelmm | June 6, 2014 | reply I received a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft.

I had to take my comp to be clean , cancell all my credit cards, go to the police,change all the bank accounts, a nightmare.... Mixa 1 posts Mixa Ignored 21 May 2014 Copy URL View Post I am having the same issues, hearthstone is messing up my screen resolution. Some idiot scammer wouldn't. Firstly, my phone display said Dell Corporation when it rang.

How To Boot In Safe Mode

Got so tired of them calling daily to tell me my HP had a very serious virus, which humored me because i have a MAC, which I told them but they These can help you get to the root of the problem. How To Enter Safe Mode Windows 10 If that happens, you better have a recent backup. Microsoft Be careful!

Shoupor | January 23, 2014 | reply Similar call, heavily accented, several calls about my computer and Microsoft system, said I don't have windows. # used 212-077-1180 with no name. http://gagc.net/how-to/built-new-computer.php As you continuously use your computer by adding, removing, modifying and changing files, your hard disk will become fragmented. I immediately say Bob ... Told him I would have my IT person check it out. Malwarebytes Free

You also haven't visited many website and haven't yet inadvertently installed any toolbars, spyware, anti-virus software...etc. The excuse is always the same: "But my computer runs just fine without it. I also checked the phone number that my phone logged for this call, it was : 0112052800212 at 3:12 pm today. check my blog Another source are these people: http://www.restoredisks.com if not listed, query them, they may make or get can work for model#.

To help you out, here are five signs you can look for. Let me know if anyone has any ideas, or if i am just going to have to do System Restore. They asked to get on my computer to determine the problem and fix it.

Called Monday Feb 10th account had all ready been charged .

Just absolutely make sure you backup your important files first. the only other option if not OEM, buy new/used via eBay, Craigstlist or local, but online may have OS disks, from the likes of htt://www.newegg.com or any other trusted online vendor.tada He was told twice to stop calling. Seems they would slip up and get a person who would know how to screw up their computer.

I messed with her a little and asked a bunch of questions. Adjective for "must not be present" Probability of picking a uniquely colored ball successively without replacement New girl gamer in our D&D group is causing weird tension - what to do? TIP #3: GET AND RUN A TRUSTED ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAM. news Also you can save hard disk space by cleaning you hard drive from hidden files.

It may take a while to complete but it will do a good job at putting the storage of your files back in order and most certainly speed up your computer. The number he calls from is 866-856-4811. I live with my mum. Besides informing me I was a dumb a## he also used some f words.

He told me that my computer had been sending him messages. TIP #4: CHECK THE HARD DISK SPACE. He uninstalled licensed McAfee antivirus and reinstalled his own, for which he needed my credit card number, which I stupidly gave him. BBBICT | January 10, 2014 | reply Innovative Communication Technology writes their contracts so vague that you will incur add/moves/changes at $120 per hour/$180 for the first hour.

Will somebody please help us? The phone number was 888-586-3257. I've been a victim of identity theft in the past, it's not what I wish upon anyone and I feel bad for whoever gets fooled & taken for with this scam, This worked great if you plan on using your computer as a giant paperweight and don't do anything on it.