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Deleted Ubuntu 10.04 Partition


Running DUA as root may show different results in the folders section. How to Fix It: Note: You will be warned in the final stages of the operation to backup data and ensure a reliable power source. Please provide any information that actually makes this question not a duplicate. –Luis Alvarado♦ Aug 10 '13 at 11:05 First, the MBR of both Windows 7/8 & XP are If you delete it, you must use SHIFT-DEL in a file browser, the rm command via terminal, or empty your Trash (or root's for root-owned folders) before the space is actually http://gagc.net/how-to/reinstall-win7-starter-on-a-netbook-after-recovery-partition-deleted.php

New girl gamer in our D&D group is causing weird tension - what to do? Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled Partners Support Community Ubuntu.com Ubuntu Documentation Official Documentation Community Help Wiki Contribute Page HistoryLogin to edit RecoverLostDiskSpace Contents Introduction Common Reasons for "Lost" Free Reply De Vytau August 7, 2015 at 5:00 am Thanks a lot :) Reply Prudhvi Charan June 5, 2015 at 6:33 am I do not have a Windows cd or dvd find (Find) Find a file or folder The find command, used with the appropriate options, is an excellent tool to locate large files.

Uninstall Ubuntu Dual Boot

And downvoting answer because it's merged is not a logical action –Anwar Aug 12 '16 at 4:50 add a comment| up vote 2 down vote A simpler method - Burn an Then GRUB will continue to operate, although it will present non-functional Ubuntu options and, in the absence of a Linux installation, it will be difficult to change its boot options. How honest should one be with their students when talking about the realities of academia?

  1. By default, Ubuntu reserves 5% of linux partitions for use by the operating system.
  2. sudo find / -name '*' -size +1GAny file found larger than 1 GiB is a likely suspect for further investigation, especially any file found on one of the user's mount points.
  3. The traditional piece of advice is that swap should be twice the size of your ram...
  4. When Windows loads, in the disk management, right click on the boot partition and apply the boot flag.
  5. Carefully consider if you want to change this setting before doing so.
  6. It has a lot of interesting options.
  7. When booting to hard disk, it gives me grub rescue.
  8. Trash Folders Not Empty When a file or folder is deleted via a file browser in most cases it is not removed from the system.

Oed December 26, 2016 at 6:11 pm As long as Linux is so DOS like it will never be fully realized. Until Trash is emptied, these files are recoverable and continue to take up space on the partition. I haven't been able to find exact numbers but changing count to 8 or bs to 4096 should do the trick. How To Uninstall Ubuntu From Ubuntu sudo find / -name '*' -size +1G # ''Optionally'': sudo find / -name '*' -size +500MAn initial Ubuntu installation will not normally have files larger than 500 MB on the system

current community blog chat Super User Meta Super User your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list. How To Uninstall Ubuntu From Windows 10 Should I be concerned that swap is being used on a host with nearly 40GB of free memory? You can't just copy the .iso file onto the memory stick. laptop or desktop, 32 or 64bit hardware, 32 or 64 bit ubuntu?

Reply Dennis Chavez September 28, 2015 at 7:25 am Hey doefcoe, so first i create the win 10 iso disk from windows website, then delete the ubuntu partitions? How To Remove Ubuntu And Install Windows 8 Follow the rest of the instructions to choose a username and password and migrate files and settings from Windows. Whereas, we don't know what Boot-Repair is doing, whether it is MBR, or whatever. Everything seemed to work fine, but when I tried to reboot the computer nothing would load - it wouldn't even get to the grub menu.

How To Uninstall Ubuntu From Windows 10

Ubuntu mixed up my partitions so restoring the factory default does not work. Otherwise, you can press a key and a boot menu with more options will appear. Uninstall Ubuntu Dual Boot The one thing that concerns me is the part of the fstab file that reads "errors=remount-ro" under the part of the table. How To Remove Ubuntu And Install Windows Why is 'C minor' parallel to 'Eb major', but not to 'D# major'?

In the left pane under Storage, click on Disk Management. check my blog What is the easiest and safest way to do this? It can only read ext2 and ext3 filesystems though. You can specify a different starting point to speed up the search if you know which folder you want to search. Install Windows Over Ubuntu

This myth of GNU/Linux is just that, a myth! Browse other questions tagged ubuntu-10.04 grub2 or ask your own question. Paragon is also good. this content On either type of computer, another option is to set your boot loader up in a way that can survive the removal of Ubuntu.

If you go to this page and download the iso image for a bootable cdrom of the boot repair utility and make that boot repair thumbdrive, you can painlessly restore grub Uninstall Apt-get Ubuntu But when I deleted the partitions, it showed-up as free space (not unallocated). Tips Before You Start Mounting.

Trash is considered used space.

depending upon configuration, 32bit OS can work better on 64 bit hardware. Figure 1 - The Setup Your Selections screen Plug-in your USB memory stick. The result is that when you delete an Ubuntu partition, GRUB can launch, but it can't do anything, because it's been figuratively lobotomized. How To Install Windows 7 On Ubuntu Using Usb By using "Quit", it takes me straight to Windows.

Another note from Tanner: If you are using an extended partition, you might have to remove the big extended partition to make the space unallocated. I was thinking why add to my issue with more software... Note that Ubuntu will not allow you to remove the current kernel while it is in use. http://gagc.net/how-to/i-want-to-remove-ubuntu-server-and-install-windows-7.php I can't boot from USB even though I have USB Disk (or similar) as the first option in my boot list Sometimes the memory stick will not be recognized when you

Also, among those for newer computers, there are both 32 and 64 bit versions and you have to use the correct version for your installation. Read more. partition magic (from http://www.partition-tool.com) used to resize windows partition.