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Slow (probably Damaged) Hard Drive Keeps Computer From Starting


When i install another operating system(different from the installed one), it will work for 3 weeks and display a different error like "page fault in non paged area". The misery is; no one is careful enough to backup their data or important files. Works with phones, tablets, and computers. If the drive boots to an operating system and you can get to either a net work or backup medium, then start copying the most important data off first. Source

I tried my Microsoft password and the password I'd set for the computer and also the pin that I'd set, none work. I hadn't cleaned out my computer in 3-5 years and paid for it, my hard drive is now literally complete trash. OK - so BIOS is OK - points to the hard drive, and time updates appropriately but you cannot get the system to start from the hard drive. Will try with Treesize. http://www.sevenforums.com/hardware-devices/317653-slow-probably-damaged-hard-drive-keeps-computer-starting.html

Hard Drive Freezes Computer When Connected

Sree December 2nd, 2014 @03:14 am Reply +2 Femi, I am facing the same prob like you. We recommend ditching other antivirus apps and using Microsoft Security Essentials. This isn't a perfect analogy, but when chkdsk -r encounters a bad sector, it tries to recover whatever data is in there, relocates it, and plants a flag to tell the So now I have to replace the DVD drive, which is easy.I was not noticing a performance hit, so this is not necessarily the same problem as the original poster on

What Kind of Maintenance Do I Need to Do on My… Dear Lifehacker, You guys recently talked about Mac Maintenance, but I'm frankly still a… Read more Read more Of course, Thanks pals.. And passwords should be from a phrase you easily, and frequently remember - N characters being every i'th character from an old address maybe, then use a sequence of characters from External Hard Drive Keeps Freezing What is your worst hardware failure nightmare, did it ever happen to you, and did you actually lose any data?

If you really want it back, you can get a hold of a company called "Total Recall" out of Denver and get charged thousands of dollars to get your files back. I also keep a small external drive i back that up to. In those events, it described how many bad sectors were found and especially in what files. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/254438-32-hard-drive-light-stays-system-slow again it fails to switch of….i hv to forcely shut down it..!!

The problem can't be entirely due to the error handling behavior of the SATA controller. Chkdsk Stuck Internet Speed 25-50mbps download; 10mbps upload(i think) Antivirus avg free 2014 Browser mozilla firefox Other Info Also have a pretty bad speaker setup which is a klipsch promedia 5.1 surround speaker Required fields are marked *Comment Name * Email * Tina Sieber 1009 articles Tina is a freelance writer and editor, with a background in science and sustainability. Digital pics, books, movies, downloaded info, songs, clips........emails, all gone.

Computer Freezes When Accessing Hard Drive

A repetitive sound also known as the click of death is caused by the head as it is trying to write data and recovers from errors in doing so. http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/stuck-chkdsk-use-fix-right-way/ For recovery at any later time, create image of the problem drive and perform recovery using the same at your convenient time and place. sumedha August 2, 2013 i Hard Drive Freezes Computer When Connected What! Secondary Hard Drive Freezing Computer hard drive etc.

Was really struggling with what was wrong. http://gagc.net/hard-drive/my-internal-hard-drive-won-t-show-up-on-my-computer.php So 14 days before my warranty expires, I went to asus service center to have it repaired. and went looking for them.My system is a X8 Phenom CPU, 8 GB DDR, DVD & Bluray and an Asus M5 A97 R2.0 motherboard with graphics card. if you came here because your HD light is on all the time, check your peripherals and try disconnecting them. Computer Freezes Hard Drive Light Stays On

  1. If the drive does not appear to have accessible partitions on it - then that's a whole new kettle of old fishy bits..
  2. the usb doesnt read but the ribbon way sems to work for him so if i get a ribbon and try it will it work or am i waisting my time
  3. You really should let it run, but if it’s causing you too much grief, you can cancel it.
  4. Unless you're OK with losing all of your data, you need a good backup system.

Also just because the disk is damaged doesn't mean the controller isn't, especially if an electrical fault damaged the disk. –Chris H Aug 10 '15 at 9:02 The accepted Can data be restored from a failed hard drive? After months of my brother scrapping parts including my NVIDIA video card and some cable tuners etc., I realized that the old laptop I had under my bed could be scrapped http://gagc.net/hard-drive/new-hard-drive-computer-dummy-needs-help.php And until I power it on & off over and over, it would just show a blank screen...

How the viruses had gotten past everything - here's the cautionary point - is there's a function on XP which lets people operate it remotely and I hadn't heard of it, Hard Drive Freezing Up No errant processes were showing in the task manager. My second drive is a 200 gig storage drive that holds temporary stuff, program files i don't need on my ssd drive, and an acronis image of my primary storage which

please advise wat to do..

so as you mentioned SpinRite to try or HDDregenerator, they will scan, update files and tell to Windows and BIOS that everything is well Reply Abd Noury March 10, 2015 at not recognising the partition means that the partition table has probably been cleared and you'll be looking for a data recovery program that will re-instate the partition detail - If you Obtain an External Hard Disk Enclosure This is the first thing you will need to have. Seagate External Hard Drive Freezes My Computer But - the question is - before opening the PC, can you access the data on the partition(s) If so, then you can probably use the drive in another PC and

Such a simple solution. This can very easily cause other software to become slow or unresponsive as well, as that software waits for a different I/O request to finish, even if the operating system is but no amount of disk fixing made the light go off. http://gagc.net/hard-drive/putting-old-hard-drive-in-new-computer-what-should-be-done.php Related articles 54 How to defrag your drives the right way: 7 defrag tricks to learn today 83 What Is a Bad Sector and How Can I Repair It? 5 "Disk

Upgrading your hardrive is not as necessary as the other upgrades but may be a good idea.