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New Hard Drive/computer Dummy Needs Help.


It is up and running but now my computer does not recognize my second drive. A hard drive can be used to store any data, including pictures, music, videos, text documents, and any files created or downloaded. January 5, 2013 Big dee This article is a confusing mess. I’ve never seen any component damaged from the oh-so-dangerous ESD." Most ESD damage is latent. http://gagc.net/hard-drive/putting-old-hard-drive-in-new-computer-what-should-be-done.php

Related Posts:What to consider when buying a new hard driveThree ways to keep your hard drive healthy and prolong its…LaCie 4TB Porsche Design USB 3.0 External Hard Drive ReviewHow To Install A compressor is a good tool to use to blow out dust, BUT be sure to hold the cooling fan blade(s) with a finger or a rag so it dosn't move. January 6, 2013 ned11wils @Big dee. Fortunately she didn't hold me accountable, i pointed out that a vac was the worst thing you could use to clean the pc out due to static discharge.

Once Installed What Needs To Be Done To The Drive And What Do These Two Tasks Do

This can take hours to days in some cases. Many geeks like performing a fresh install of Windows on their new computers to start from a clean state. If you have AutoPlay enabled it should pop up for you to open up your new virtual hard disk. Being disabled, I have lots of time, so if it takes me awhile to figure something out, it's okay.

The Hard Drive only came with a CD, no floppy disk. Not sure if it's a case of avoif Best Buy tech support altogether, or just the one at Millennia Mall Orlando (where there's a pleantiful supply of gullible well-to-do seniors to In this economy, shouldnt I be spending money wisely, rather than paying someone to do something I can do myself? What Needs To Be Done To The Hard Drive Once Installed You may need to enter into the BIOS to set it to boot from CD or DVD.

This article has some great reasons on why you might want to build over buy, but when it comes time to get your hands dirty, check out our new guide for By the way, I grew up in St. Keeping distance improves air flow and makes inserting and removing the drive easier. 3Slide the drive into the bay and gently screw the drive into place using four screws.Make sure that RSS ALL ARTICLES FEATURES ONLY TRIVIA Search How-To Geek How to Service Your Own Computer: 7 Easy Things Computer Repair Places Do Computer repair places like Best Buy’s Geek Squad

Apparently the geek squad had quoted them $250 to fix this!! What Kind Of Power Connector Does A Floppy Disk Drive Typically Use August 19, 2010 theholygerbil Another idea for the use of my dropbox I guess. I was able to create my virtual drive within 10 minutes. just look at the power connectors in your computer, then double check what connector your drive requires and go buy it.

There Are Two Tasks That Need To Be Done With A Hard Drive Before The Operating System Can Use It.

You will be prompted during the first part of setup to partition and format your drive; if you are using Windows 2000, XP or Vista, make sure to use the NTFS This can also help if you’re experiencing other problems with your computer, such as file corruption or weird errors. Once Installed What Needs To Be Done To The Drive And What Do These Two Tasks Do In my job I deliver services to clients, freeing up their resources to focus on their core business. What Needs To Be Done After Installing A Secondary Hard Drive If I create a VHD can I just install QB45 in that and will it communicate with the printer?

Once they have been determined, the disk controller instructs the actuator to move the read/write arm and align the read/write head. useful reference Of course having a good updated software antivirus is a must, an obsolete one with couple of month old signature data base is not going to even slow down anything you Reply Michelle says: March 6, 2009 at 7:59 pmHelp! How do I reclaim the disk space allocated or reinstate the Virtual Drive??? What To Do After Installing A Second Hard Drive

Choose the amount of space you want to use for the volume. Reply Gwen says: February 9, 2009 at 7:18 pmWould like to know the same answer of not format=ting the second (slave) hard drive. Sorry There was an error emailing this page. http://gagc.net/hard-drive/my-internal-hard-drive-won-t-show-up-on-my-computer.php Good job A+ on te article Reply RepairGal says: January 8, 2009 at 9:42 pmAnyone who doesn't understand what a "jumper" is shouldn't be trying to change out their hard drive.

It happens on mine too can't do a darned thing to stop it disappearing. What Are The Two Main Things An Operating System Does DID YOU KNOW?In Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the playing-card-people found within the Queen of Heart's kingdom have roles based on their card suite: Hearts belong to the royal family, my photos take up all my space and this would help alot.

At this point, you may want to make some quick sketches of just how everything is in there: Which direction is everything facing?

Can't do much now but help other old farts… Restart, Dust, Defrag, Clean off unused files, Run Virus scan, update drivers and check outlets etc…works miracles! What are these cables called so I can purchase one? Thanks! You Want To Install An Ssd Drive In Your Desktop Computer But The Drive Is Far Too Narrow To Fit My problem is that it thinks the "C" drive is the main drive & when I try to update my windows or drivers, it is not giving me the option to

Plus they don't have the time or inclination to do it! The best antivirus is YOU, know what you click on and do not do it until yo absolutely are sure you know the consequences of it. My boss told me at that they weren't even supposed to have someone with my knowledge on staff! http://gagc.net/hard-drive/adding-old-sata-hard-drive-to-new-computer.php I might also point out ancient antiques such as CP/M or any one of the now "orphan" systems too - even MS-DOS!

January 10, 2013 Bruce (pmtoolsthatwork.com) A few things to add that I didn't see in the discussion (but I didn't read them all ….) 1. Thanks all! If they are all recognized correctly, let's move to the next section.Software Installation/CloningNow that your new drive is installed, we can move on and get it set up with Windows. I did not install the belwo mentioned system… I have three HD's installed currently two 20GB and a 10 GB.

I've never seen any component damaged from the oh-so-dangerous ESD. One thing I might add; When you call any tech support service, if you are comfortable letting them share control of your computer, watch what they are doing like a hawk. That first boot will be a bit slow as Windows adjusts to the new hardware. If you are adding a second drive, just pick any empty drive bay - one a bit below the current drive might work best, because it will make it easier to

Reply tysun says: August 12, 2007 at 5:44 pmI install a Sata WD drive into my w2k pc. At this stage it is not important to screw in your old drive; you can just rest it somewhere convenient, but don't leave it hanging in midair. Could I do that with a virtual drive? The first solid-state drive (SSD) as we know them today was developed by SanDisk Corporation in 1991, with a storage capacity of 20 MB.

They failed to clean the fan, which was stuffed with dust and causing overheating to extreme levels. Otherwise, you don't see good reasons for VHD? PLEASE HLPE Reply Michael says: October 24, 2009 at 7:02 pmGREAT THANKS!!!!!!! If you found this simple and straightforward article to be confusing then it is possibly best for you to pay to have these basic items done. @Jim Carter.

Thanks for the opportunity. Reply Tyler Thompson says: September 10, 2007 at 2:10 pmDavid,When you clone a drive, it copies it exactly as it were before. I take pride in my work and do this, because I have become good at what I do after much trial and error. Data retention is usually the customers primary concern as well as the company that is working on it.

I would prefer to go SATA all the way.