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HDD Space (223gb) lost. help with it plz.

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Hard Drive Doesn't Show in Disk Management

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Blinking hdd light WAS constant.

Installing new HDD

2nd hard drive with window 7 on it?

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HD partitioning

Cloning & Back Ups

better to make partions on drive or not.

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Recovering data

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Spare 500GB Sata Dive

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Hard Disk Drive

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Hard Drive Suddenly appearing as "Unallocated Space"


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hard disk partition

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what real transfer rate for external 2.5" USB 2.0 HDD

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Format & Partition New Drive to Use as a Backup Drive or Storage Drive

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Lock icon size (even if moving a folder or if I plug unplug a storage)

Data Recovery on Old Hard Drive

300gb HDD should be empty but shows 69gb of used space. Huh?

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Copying everything to new drive

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Just reformatted my pc and now my 1T hard drive only has 100G!?

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drive fallen and clicking sound want to recover data

Hard Drive Noises - exploration and advice

New hard drive or reformat?

How do I swap to a larger HD and move the System Reserved partition

My WD 1.5 TB HDD is not allways detected

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Wd storage device not detected

need suggestions on new hardisk

Seagate 500GB HD showing 2TB

Secondary HDD not visible Win7 64bit

Windows 7 HDD lag?

Need Help bout my HDD

Win 7 - Can't see slave drive

Using old hard drive for backing up files to a new computer

Hard Drive clicking sound!

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Help with common Hard drive RECYCLER problem.

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Missing 100GB

Reformatting my External Hard Drive

How to change the Icon for my external hard drive

Reformating harddrive

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Windows 7 does not recognize one of the hard drives

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hard drive/mobo boot problems

Seagate external hard drive not accessible as a drive

Do I need to buy a new hard drive? S.M.A.R.T show some disturbing info

External HDD disconnects/reconnects every time I use it

Hard Drive Problems

Program Safety Pop Up

My External Hard Drive is now classified as RAW - can you format it

Hard Drive and Back Up issues

Getting a bigger hard drive

Windows can't see the hard drive.

System/Windows files scattered around 2 drives on windows 7.

what do i do? did my hard drive crash?

New internal HD

regardging partiitoning of the disk.

HDD noise is abnormal (2 problems

Cannot restore hard drive because of corrupted files?

Hard Drive Failing? Checkdisk Results Inside

How do you tell what type of hard drive that I have?

Hard Drive Memory disappearing and c:\END appearing in c drive

Internal Secondary HDD treated as Removable Hardware

BSOD on new machine

sata III 6gb/s laptop

Format 3TB External Drive

Hard Drive Enclosure not being seen

deleted the HDD contents by mistake around 500Gb

Can't detect 3 terabyte hd Windows 7

BSOD when slave HDD hooked up

How should I upgrade my computer? [MOVED]

Changed my motherboard and im wondering if i can avoid format

Step by step install of backup hard drive

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HDD Upgrade on 64-bit?

External Hard Drive can't boot!

A program to monitors other software on disk usage?

Using the same HDD

External Hard Drive Detected but not Accessible

toshiba hdd errors

BSOD on a new Hard Drive

What to Do With This Bad Drive (that still works)

Installing Win 7 with two hard disks

slow hard disc speed

Testing Standard SATA hard drive

HDD Swap

Dropped external HD D: help.

How to find the date of a hard drive wipe.

Sata Drive as a Slave Problems

Missing alot of HDD

Freeze ups with 1 Terabyte Drives

Unable to Rename my WD External Hard DRive

Need to recover drive from dead laptop

Hybrid Hard Drive

New hdd. Not working on laptop but is working on my desktop

All of my hard drives show as removeable

External HDD doesn't appear anyomre on my PC

Missing 176gb on my 500gb internal drive.

SATA hard drive question

Hard Drive Help

Boot drive missing ~20GB

How to permanently erase a hard drive?

750 GB all taking up?

Swapping hard drive in dell 6420 Atg laptop

Transferring Windows to a new Hard Drive

Difference between desktop & enterprise Grade hard drives?

Why Two Partitions?

Only 300gb of hdd space is shown instead of 500gb.

Laptop hard drive wiped clean randomly

Cloning or Imaging Drive

Merging two physical disks

Hard drive has disappeared

formating new HDD

HardDisk Hangtime when the HD beeps (Help)

Free space suddenly vanishing

Hd is constandly running

System Image same as Cloned drive?

New hard drive/computer dummy needs help.

have to have new hard disk :((

How to seatch multiple hard drives?

problematic step in installing windows 7 on external hard drive

Laptop hard drive went bad

Hard drive failure on preloaded HP laptop - how to obtain copy of os?

2nd HDD (1TB) is recognized in bios

hard drive data size different

Portable hard drive shows hidden files (prefixed with ".")

Dual Hard Drives

Hardisk spinning down

can't format the hard drive

Hard drive not recognized in Windows

Zero Out Hard Drive

Can't fully clean hard drive

Will format the hard drive [D & C drive]

Windows Boot stalls when adding additional Sata Drives

Hard Drive Space

Second SATA HD hangs win7

Win7 startup 30+mins caused by hard drive

Replacing Bad Laptop Drive - Install issues

Periodic error: Programs freeze and harddrive LED is constantly on

Challenges getting 2nd Windows 7 HDD to Boot in New Laptop

installing used drive

HDD Lost Space

1TB WD USB hard drive failure - is in Device Manager

HDD wont save anything

Can't find my hdd during windows installation

W7 won't recognize 2nd HD

Is buffer size important to HDD performance

help with USB HDD

Hard Drive Advice please

Loading new hard drive trouble

Booting From Multiple Drives

How to re-partition hard drive.

Can you partition without erasing

Program to tell HDD usage per process on Windows 7?

HP desktop large drive

How to know which type of hard disk fits my computer

Restore 2 partition system to one drive

Good freeware utility to wipe laptop HDD

Make USB Drive available for backup to other PC on home network

How Wipe my Hard Drive to reinstall Windows 7

WD HDD not found

Signs of hard drive going bad? Or something else?

Two HDD's

Missing total space from hard drive.

Windows 7 Not detecting new hard drive

2 TB hdd want to split into boot and data partitions

Windows 7 install from portable HDD

What is the longest lasting hard drive? Your experiences?

My External HD Has Gone Kaput! [Help Please]

Hard disk size missing

Turning off second HDD

Seagate 1TB Expansion Drive is not being recognized on my laptop

Why does my hard drive light blink all the time?

Suggestion for a new 2.5" SATA laptop HD or SSD.

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