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Terranwolf[.com] it kept erroring, and slowing down my computer. I guess it was the old "Dont fix it if it aint broke" deal. Scrin- read loads of different write ups on it, and more often than not people seem to say its not dangerous. After I deleted it, everything works great, except I cannot run .av movie.

However, files do become corrupt at times and some malicious files are disguised to represent known, secure system files. Download new, secure drivers and perform a clean system restart. July 4, 2011 Dipesh rundll.exe comes in picture when only i try to start game. April 25, 2010 ALDO I have a hp vista laptop .

Ian It HELPS your PC Run Good. I don't know of an easy way to check which program is using the library, I uninstalled my software to the basics and then started playing. it runs the menus and the windows that dont show on taskbar (like the visual propertys window that lets you change your background and screen saver) it is a vital part Is this something I should worry about?

Just YF, Programmer In my case it was part of the nVidia Desktop Manager functions, nVidia uses it to launch the tweak tool in the sys tray. It also results in the inability to acess certain programs like the control panel. Couldn't recommend highly enough. Grtz Tom not actually dangerous, but for those of us using win 98 and 2000 its so annoying.

Steve Burke rundll32 is genuine MS program. One such case is a file named "rundii32.exe". The details show which services are being run by the various instances of rundll32.exe. I could immediately access my control panel and download updates.

I solved the problem, by booting in save mode, closing the process "RUNDLL32.EXE" and deleting the file.. but if it is running as you......... This concerns me as should it be listed in the proper folder? running 18 DLL's Douglas 3 or 4 of these files keep popping in & out of my task manager and freezing up any program I'm in.

Billy Ray Bob Jr. Does anybody know, if it is correct in this folder or is it dangerous then? YOU NEED THIS FILE. DRich rundll32.exe is like an adaptor.

Kofi It can be dangerous, but if you have control panel up when the process shows up on task manager, it is just control panel. These hang up as easily as any other software, but usually you cant see them on your desktop. Only when you know which nasty programs to look for can you confirm that rundll32.exe is running them. Depending on the operating system and the file installation, you will notice either a rundll.exe or a rundll32.exe file on your system.

There is no information about the author of the file. Rundll32  Updated: April 17, 2012Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 with SP2, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2, It did not effect any up to date programs or work that I had done. jason Its part of the Nvidia video card.

Pop ups were all reporting spyware and directing me to rogue spyware sites. Collin Cerbus It just stops Explorer.exe so u cant do anything and when u get rid of it windows runs normally but it comes back after a while ... I do not have a windows xp disk can you help me please thank you!

That is exactly what it does, all it does, all it has ever done.

  1. Ryan Same meaning as Ryan.
  2. Cirus Its true, the NVidia System tray runs this program too.
  3. Both are used to execute .dll files na..
  4. The problem comes from malware/badly coded programs/etc.
  5. The only time you should ever download a new version of a system file is when it comes through an application update or from the publisher directly.

This was one of the Top Download Picks of The Washington Post and PCWorld. when I took it there for them to look at it, $75 just to look at it…$50 service charge $275 for the CDs and 2weeks of repair time and they do Louise rundll32.exe is ok. Can't use only one of those?

See also: Link FuzzyAndriusFace I got worried when I found two cases of this in my task manager. Scan for any driver updates for new equipment. Experienced this on numerous occasions. If you delete it you will no longer be able to access Internet Options from the Control Panel or from your IE windows.

i think this is a virus rahul reddy This file is NOT dangerous in any means. lucy rundll32.exe is substantial part of MS Win operating system and nessesary to launch all dll's - compiled Win32 programs (both good and bad) DO NOT REMOVE!