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Help With Change From Multiboot To Just Win7


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i have installed XP Professional over Vista and used VistaBootPro to setup dual boot. It’s money well-spent. tnx June 3, 2008 shaun jones hey dude, sorry to be bothering you with this because i bet alot of us iiots do it, but i stupdily put winxp sp2 on http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Phong/100001178973449 Jim Phong Who would ever want wasting time and precious space with the unusable Windows 8 in the first place?

Change Dual Boot Order Windows 7

If the Windows 7 computer employs Legacy boot mode only, we cannot install Windows 8 to a GPT disk, but there is a solution, and it is to convert GPT disk It also uses windows 7 as a base, so most apps (if not, all) are compatible. DID YOU KNOW?The choral theme song of the Mr.

  1. Just do a Google shopping search for Windows 7.
  2. If I do need to install Win 8 for work though soon, I'll do it.
  3. It's open source and it actually works.
  4. You'd be better off leaving well alone till the boys and girls at MS have got their act together and have at least a half baked OS to release and SP2

Probably wont upgrade to win8 for 5 years or so. I was not at all impressed with it or the crude attempt to copy parts of better independant software to Microsoft so just formatted the drive to go back to my Currently, as Windows 7 and Windows 8 are most widely used, the question how to dual boot Windows 7 and Windows 8 is asked much more frequently. Choose Operating System At Startup Windows 7 Trying to use system restore to be able to boot 7 without the 8 repair tool in advanced mode.

Remove the CD/DVD or USB flash drive when told to do so. (You don't want to accidentally boot from it again.) You should now have a machine with your original Ubuntu Change Dual Boot Order Windows 10 When I try to change the boot option in Win 8 the only choice I get is Win 8 and not the "older versions of Windows" choice. Get help from the below links: How can I repair grub? (How to get Ubuntu back after installing Windows?) Use this method if you don't have Internet connection in the live When given the option, select a Custom install (not Upgrade).

Except for being so long; if you start me up. How To Change Default Os In Dual Boot Windows 8 It started at 30 seconds or something like that, and if I didn't intervene, it would try to boot the invalid entry, fail, and sit there and do nothing. I had Linux Mint 9 in Mint2Win configuration and everything worked just fine. My question is how to return control to Ubuntu, in case I wanted to delete MINT?

Change Dual Boot Order Windows 10

It starts with Windows XP everytime. September 19, 2011 Goldenbarstewart To Ray Cooke - You should have tried the Windows 7 repair disk first - solves most star-up problems. Change Dual Boot Order Windows 7 UEFI Secure Boot (makes booting Linux problematic at best) 3. How To Change Default Os In Dual Boot Windows 10 asokan i like change my windows 6 to windows xp how can do it Neon Frank Format the Vista partition from the blue WinXP install screen and proceed with the WinXP

then your free to formate the partition and merge it back int to the original partion September 19, 2011 williamknight57 I have tried 3 times to get 8 to install every More about the author Choosing the wrong partition to install on will result in data loss so make sure to choose the one that we created earlier. if i change my default operating system from Vista to Xp,, will the Vista be damage? I have XP on one drive and W7 on a diiferent drive. Change Dual Boot Order Windows 7 And Ubuntu

I accidentaly chose this one time and it created major problems. can you help me plz thx in advance April 16, 2008 salim ep I've installed Windows Vista and now before a week I've installed windows XP. I am in safemode because I hosed the system punching the wrong keys while filling a find file box in an app. http://gagc.net/dual-boot/multiboot-windows-7.php Tim Berneman I have the same problem.

July 11, 2010 avi hi i have dual xp and vista installed mistakenly i set the timeout for os choice menu to 0 sec in vista can u help how to Change The Default Operating System For Startup (multiboot) If your Linux installation lives on the extended partition (see HowtoPartition/OperatingSystemsAndPartitions), you will not be able to expand the main Linux partition into the space created by deleting the Windows partition. For more details on partitioning, see HowtoPartition and its subpages.

July 27, 2007 Mary Thanks so much for that Vista post.

I wanted to know if there is a method to remove this without installing VISTA again. So if anyone can help ? September 28, 2011 iphoness This is surely a very good tutorial and I am just gonna give it a try right now. How To Change Default Os In Dual Boot Windows Xp Been building computers since '98, never had an install fail before. 64 bit system 3,4 gb I-5 cpu, Asus P8P67 mobo, 16 gb Corsair DDR3 ram, ATI Radeon 7800 video card.

Now the problem is when I start my computer, it does not ask which OS I want to use. Whatever you buy will almost certainly come with a DVD, requiring an optical drive. However, when i select Windows XP, i get an error saying NTLDR missing. http://gagc.net/dual-boot/multiboot-system.php And you don't even have to add/change repositories either which is great for the Linux noobs.

It's working. June 15, 2011 LeVa Thank you so much, like ubuntu, but my brother uses the pc, and gets mad when it loads up ubuntu. But I did want to dope-slap the person that suggested reducing the timeout to Zero seconds and giving me one big, extra headache. Twice, before I took Win-8 off!

Share you thoughts in the comments! Both are legal and current. I have here one Asus notebook with 6!!! The suggestion was deadly for me because I needed time to choose the non-default dual-boot item.

And finally, I have to say I'm quite ok with the Aero theme. 8's GUI isn't working for me. June 14, 2011 brianzion GRUB2 Bootloader Editor 0.5.0 is another good option if running KDE 4.x http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/GRUB2+Bootloader+Editor?content=139643 June 14, 2011 Esteban I have a small tax practice.