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System feezes when try to download

Computer lockup during any task

System Freezes & hangs - possible broken motherboard?

Win 7 x64 Freezing/Hard Reboot Required help.No Error/Events Thrown

computer can't go into sleep mode (crashes if left alone)

Computer Freezes up shortly after startup

Very NEW PC freeze after 2 days

freeze ups

Freezing at startup

Frequent freezes

7 HangsUp/Freezes while watching video or keeping the laptop idle

Random shutdown/freezing

Desktop Freezes frequently time to time

Random freezes then PC restarts; AMD CPU

windows crashes when coming out of hibernate/sleep

Computer freezes when virtual machine starts

Freeze + buzzing sound during Netflix and games

Game freezes and loud noise

Daily full system lock ups

Computer freezes after sleep?

Full System Freeze Reapting Sound Loop - NO BSOD

Computer freezes suddenly making a beep sound

Computer freezes

PC Hangs when gaming

Desktop freezes over night.

PC crashes during sleep. Lenovo T440p

BSOD although most of time PC just freezes (looping sound) or resets

Windows 7 explorer in hanging and do not respond for long time

Front USB 3 Panel freeze pc.

System Freezes with Distorted Sound

Internet connection freezes

Computer freezes especially when i go online player

Computer freezes when i try to download a game

Random Lockups.HARD lockups

Win7 7100 crashes with no activity

Crashing with buzzing noise?

Computer locks up every hour

Random freezes requiring Hard Reboot

Computer Freezes for 1-3 Seconds (Details in post)

Computer Freezes after some minutes

My Computer Freezes After Sometime

Sometimes freezes

Hangs on boot-up

Random crash on Win7 Ultimate x64 after starting custom build desktop

Computer freezing during bootup.

boot up freezing

Computer Freezes When Case Is touched

Random system freezes!

Computer hangs briefly and frequently for no reason.

Computer freezes randomly with no reason

Hang on Bootup

Computer Freezing For No Reason.

BSOD random activities

Windows 7 x64 freezes when idle / need to shutdown

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