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BSOD While Writing Serial Data And Acquiring Frames Via Grabber

Added support for 64-bit Windows, windows-x64. Viewers Added new ImageJ plugin viewer. NDArray Changed the NDArray::copy() methods to NDArrayPool::copy(). Thanks to Tom Cobb for this addition. my review here

IDL can read TIFF files with all of these data types. Windows 7 64-bit) where the display viewer would occasionally stop receiving CA monitor callbacks, and so the display would freeze until the PVs were disconnected and reconnected. Removed duplicate record for MeanValue_RBV from NDStats.template. On Windows if NDFilePath has a trailing '\' then preserve it, else add a '/' character if one is not present.

NDPluginColorConvert. This driver supports both USB and PCI cameras from Andor. NDFileNull. Fixed logic when acquisition was turned off Fixed problem with constructor when it encountered a minor error; was causing capture thread not to be started for some cameras.

Added documentation for the CbfTemplateFile record which was added in R1-8. Apply Today MATLAB Academy New to MATLAB? Perform checks on parameters that are not available for all cameras. New record with TVX version number, read at startup.

If Acquire was set to Stop when it was not acquiring then the next time acquisition was started it would stop immediately. NDPluginStats. This is not backwards compatible with some drivers and plugins, because for example, the dims[] argument to NDArrayPool->alloc() has been changed from int to size_t. This is more efficient, and eliminates the dependence of the areaDetector module on the mca module.

It enables a program to control VISA-compliant instruments connected to a computer through serial port, GPIB, Ethernet, VXI bus and other media. libGraphicsMagic++.a on 64-bit was invoking std::_List_mode_base functions that do not exist in earlier versions of GLIBCXX. Plugins General Added new records (QueueSize, QueueFree, QueueFreeLow) to monitor queue usage by all plugins. This can be very useful when using the Average or Sum filter modes.

New driver for Photonic Sciences Ltd. (PSL) detectors. This can speed operations significantly on larger detectors. If used with AutoResetFilter then as input arrays arrive the plugin will continually output one summed or averaged array after every N incoming arrays. VISA VISA (Virtual Instrument Software Architecture) is an instrument control system defined by the VXIplug&play Systems Alliance.

The parameters could not be set from the normal environment variables (e.g. this page These were fixed as follows: The Prosilica libPvAPI.a file had been taken from the AVT gcc 4.3 directory. Known problems. It adds new statistics, including the centroid position and width.

asynPortDriver Renamed the pasynUser member to pasynUserSelf. medm displays Added new top-level detector-specific displays for Prosilica (prosilica.adl), Firewire (firewire.adl), and simDetector (simDetector.adl). The release notes for the base classes and plugins are in github.com/areaDetector/ADCore/RELEASE.md. http://gagc.net/bsod-while/bsod-while-doing-anything.php Thanks to Brian Tieman and John Hammonds for this driver.

Added ThresholdAutoApply and ThresholdApply records. Read back the actual value of the threshold. Added an additional record to NDPluginBase.template, PluginType_RBV.

This allows the user to see the asyn port name of the driver or plugin, which is useful when switching the NDArray callback source.

Changed NDArrayPool so that it will free the memory in NDArrays in the pool to permit allocating one with sufficient memory to satisfy an alloc() request. a single instance each of NDStdArrays, NDROI, NDFile and NDColorConvert (for detectors that support color). Some readers, notably the Python Imaging Library (PIL), do not recognize 32-bit TIFF files unless they contain the SampleFormat tag. Such a plug-in would add low-level commands for accessing your hardware, typically by calling routines in a driver supplied by the hardware manufacturer.

To build on other operating systems it is necessary to install the Nexus, HDF4, HDF5, and MXML packages. All drivers and plugins in areaDetector have been modified to reflect this change, but user-written drivers and plugins may need some minor modifications. Reduced number of files for all plugins and drivers. useful reference Attributes can be added by drivers or plugins, and travel with the array through the plugin chain, and can ultimately be written with the array data to a file.

Fixed problem with exposure time being rounded to integer. Release 1-9 (27-February-2013) NDArray Changed some variables that were previously int to size_t. However, these arguments have type size_t, so -1 is actually not a valid value, and in fact "unlimited" was being used if the value was < 1. New driver for Firewire IIDC/DCAM cameras under Windows.

Base class constructor no longer initializes all asyn interfaces, only the selected ones. Generated Sat, 14 Jan 2017 05:36:43 GMT by s_wx1077 (squid/3.5.23) ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection It replaces the statistics calculations that were previously performed in the ROI plugin. Your cache administrator is webmaster.