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BSOD While Using Torrent Bccode C5

I have had over a dozen BSODs and all of them seems to be due to different problems. The system has recovered and is running OK again, I've done a chkdsk - no errors found. My OS (XP Home) is no more "unstandard" than the rest of the world's population. Not that sure that I'm so eager to spend another week troubleshooting (I have my hands full already), just checking the temperature... More about the author

So.....something is making that driver to crash the computer, and it might be Outpost coz, as i previously said, i have yet to see a BSOD since i removed Outpost...:confused: EDIT: I will hang on to my subscription of Outpost for a while, im curious how it will work on Vista when it arrives, but for now i will not use it Same error message as described earlier in this thread. Try disabling these, if present.

Antivirus 4.7.xx. The fact that many other users experience no issues with dual core machines is no consolation to me! I am just not prepared to re-install OP solely for the pleasure of having BSOds in order to send a dump to Agnitum.

No bsod though. A FREE Scan (approx. 5 minutes) into your PC's Windows Operating System detects problems divided into 3 categories - Hardware, Security and Stability. Sometimes uninstallers don't do a proper job. My swenglish? :) Grand Mal11 Sep 2006, 09:10The computer crashed yesterday (on what should have been close to bedtime).

After restart, and log into windows, it give me error code : BCCode : 100000d1 BCP1 : 7FFD5010 BCP2 : 00000002 BCP3 : 00000000 BCP4 : F787BD22 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP yeah, I'm from sweden, how'd you guess? Im still in the testing phase combined with information seeking, and so far i cant really, with 100% accuracy, say that Outpost is the "bad dude" here. When you have multiple applications running, you may experience crashes and freezes.

Do post back to let others know if this helps. No BSOD:s so far, the firewall combined with router firewall is doing its job and Superantispyware is keeping an eye out for the other threats. Plz help me to resolve the problem. Someone from Agnitum told me that Outpost is multithreaded, so it fits dual core perfectly, while ZoneAlarm, Norton, Jetico and the others are not dual core optimized.

Thanks again. Hoping for a fix...is the beta of V4 stable? As a guest, you can browse and view the various discussions in the forums, but can not create a new topic or reply to an existing one unless you are logged The kernel must be written with x64 instructions, so it's not the same actually :).

This should help you. http://gagc.net/bsod-while/bsod-while-doing-anything.php My server, for instance, has never once crashed or behaved erratically. Disclaimer: The views expressed on this blog are those of the author(s), and not those of the Microsoft Corporation.  To my surprise, they have been using Skype for many months without any issues.

I've been using netlimiter and outpost alot on other systems though, so might be outpost and netlimiter in conjunction with some driver or something. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites blaker31 0 Newbie Members 0 5 posts Posted August 6, 2014 · Report post Ahh, I'm leaning towards it was Outpost hates my hardware or some required driver, by itself or in combination with an unknown Windows problem. click site I'd suggest that you shut down outpost and see if the BSODs stop.

Apart from OP, the other common factor here is of course the AMD CPU / nVidia drivers link, - rather than having the suggestion that we bypass the onboard network connection, My main concern is to control outgoing traffic as my router has the SPI firewall that is very nice. Indications of that seems to be very clear after reading this thread and also other comments on different support/techie forums.

Actually that's not Romanian, it's Czech (which I don't speak, but the links are the right ones :p) and the link has been given to me by a fellow poster at

Not ruling it out but my gut-feeling says it isn't so. fadetoblack01 Sep 2006, 09:17is there a link in there somewhere to the drivers, sorting thru 14 pages of a foreign language (romanian?) i do not speak for one that looks appropriate It can also be caused by caused by faulty or mismatched RAM, or a damaged pagefile. One thread about dualcore and BSODs: (one there actually got it running on an dual intel system, perhaps an athlon issue or one specific to dualcore - or something else :p)

Network drivers are up to date, latest Forceware from Nvidia, WHQL certified and no Nvidia Forceware firewall installed. Other people, for instance at planetamd64.com forum, are reporting the same behavior that tjoff reported and yours truly confirmed. If it is not it's fault then you should look for the problem somewhere else. navigate to this website I have now installed Outpost 4.0 on my x64 XP partition (dual booting) and will soon be able to report if the crashes still continues.

After that I installed the drivers and everything went fine for a week. nippauls BSOD NoHope!06 Sep 2006, 04:15Hello Nippauls With respect - this seems to be another example of "OP cannot possibly be the problem" syndrone! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites pricegspt 0 Newbie Members 0 3 posts Posted September 14, 2014 · Report post Thanks for the reply. I also got rid of the AVG anti virus program that was on it and installed Microsoft Security Essential.

That could perhaps be problematic when upgrading so you'll probably wan't to backup it first. Thats definitely a very good idea, luckily i dont have any such applications running or even installed, so i think i can exclude those sources of errors. The file forms an essential part of Windows OS. The test was a total success, very good speed, no problems whatsoever and....no BSOD....I think its still to early to draw any conclusions of this one test so i will do

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create Works like a dream, suppose I'm LUCKY. Tjoff's issue seems to be a NetLimiter conflict, so the first question is are you running any similar software or anything that works at network-level? Opening programs will be slower and response times will lag.

If so, try disabling or uninstalling it (some NetLimiter users reported problems until it was removed completely). Once my computer completely restarts and I log in, a microsoft error report pops up and says "A serious error has occurred." Then it tells me it is because of these It seems to really only BS when I'm running high bandwith/ memory. Good post, i am a paying user of Alcohol (yes, i consume some beer and whisky from time to time :D) and update the program as soon as a new version

I know that for me it doesn't truly compare to Comodo (it might for more casual users though)... While the passwords may not be used as a vector on the forums, those hashed passwords should be considered compromised. They were referring to previous versions aswell as the current one. The installation claimed there were no ODBC installed which it of course is.