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Blue Screens of Death - BSOD and Application Crashes

BSOD. Seems to be a software issue

BSOD during Steam

BSOD While trying to play any game

BSOD playing various games

BSOD-Almost a year-Need help

Another BSOD

BSOD at start of W7

CONSTANT blue screens in the 12 Hours

BSOD after recent Windows Updates

BSOD while I was away from the computer

BSOD win 7 home premium (many services)

BSOD - All the time - In game and out

BSOD during gaming

ASUS and BSOD Still not working

Blue Screen Anytime a Video is attempted to be Played.

Out of the Blue BSOD

blue screens all the time

frequent bsod when copying certain text

BSOD when shutting down computer

Blue Screen Help Please

Constant BSOD Errors. All The Time

0X00000116 When start PC first time

BlueScreen after Sleep/Hibernate again

BSOD~ Again

BSOD quite a few system changes but not sure why.

BSOD during windows login

BSOD randomly after cleaning up my pc

BSOD on many different apps. FO4

BSOD Dont know what caused it =(

BSOD during Shutdown

BSOD after shutdown

BSOD happening all of a sudden

Desktop Error Blue Screen.

BSOD on Windows Start-up.

x64 BSOD Problems

Blue Screen of Death after Sleep . (Brand new custom build)

BSOD when shutting down and restarting the comp DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAI

BSOD Playing Skyrim

Start up/shut down/BSOD issues

Multiple BSOD's. I'm Lost.

BSOD resolved

BSOD whyle playing

BSOD after changing already changing rams

BSOD after startup

Blue screen :(


Keep getting random Blue Screen Shut Downs

Random Windows 7 BSOD

Bsod when trying to play games that require a graphics card

BSOD - Multiple processes fail

Please help BSOD!

BSOD When Installing Games on Steam/Launching Games Through Steam

BSOD after long wait after Win7 logo (when booting)

BSOD on a 2 day old install!

BSOD Playing lol or other video games

Random Blue Screen.

BSOD when downloading

BSOD after login when cold (minidump included)

BSOD just while logging in

BSOD computer restarts after logging in

blue screen error multiple times from past 2 months

blue screens :( please i need help anyone!


BSOD happens while gaming

BSOD during Power on

Random BSOD's: Motherboard might have been shorted previously.

BSOD while trying to sleep

Random BSOD and System Hangs

Random BSOD after new hardware purchase

Random game crahes or BSOD

BSOD at login screen after bad sfc scannow

BSOD after booting windows

BSOD On Computer with Clean Wipe. Help!

BSOD during the night. Just installed new GPU

BSOD after standby

BSOD when starting computer in morning/bran new computer

BSOD during loading games

Blue screen message?

Four BSOD's yesterday


BSOD When Shutting Down

Random BSOD on windows 7 Bluescreen viewer results also included

BSOD Net issues

BSOD during everyday things

BSOD installing USB wireless adapter driver


BSODs / Stop Errors / Random Pain

BSOD appearing randomly when the computer is in High-Performance.

Multiple BSOD issues when shutting down

Windows 7 Blue screen of death crashes!

random BSOD while flash drive is plugged in

Getting BSOD every since I installed windows 7 64

BSOD While Running Ableton Live

BSOD win 7 2 messeges

Different BSOD every couple of days on a new pc

My bsod problem

A deadly case of BSOD on a gaming computer

BSOD (sort of)

Blue screen while playing F1 2012

BSOD when i plug in my controler whit motion joy

Don't know what caused this BSOD

BSOD new graphics card?

BSOD in windows 7 x64 during games

BSOD Under heavy load and occasianaly under low load

HELP! Blue Screen

BSOD at random times on new laptop

Blue Screen Of Dead

BSOD always on startup

Unexpected shutdown and then restart

BSOD on mew install.

First BSOD

BSOD After each time I turn on my computer from standby or hibernation

My 2nd BSOD

BSOD on my old laptop

Random BSOD has become a constant in my life.

BSOD. Computer keeps shutting off for no reason

BSOD after "wake up"

BSOD with BCCode-7a

Unexpected BSOD while browsing. W7 Ultimate 64bit (with dump)

BSOD constantly

BSOD on hibernate

BSOD - Browsing internet and using Microsoft office programme's.

BSOD including USB & Battery Issues

Windows 7 Blue Screen Error

BSOD while using firefox playing flash game

Blue Screen at windows startup

BSOD continuing post format.

BSOD Blue Screen

BSOD randomly

Blue Screen DUMP

BSOD Complete sporadic

BSOD at random times and more when computer under work MUTI CODES!

BSOD - BCCode: 7a

BSOD while 3D gaming

BSOD over WiFi

Sudden BSOD recently

Windows 7 crash. BSOD. don't know why.

BSOD bluescreen error

BSOD on Lenovo Win7 while gaming

BSOD when dropbox syncs files

i seem to fix one BSOD

Pc keeps randomly crashing (BSOD)

BSODs occurring out of the blue.

Today's BSOD is brought to you by.

BSOD - Random Crashes

Help me BlueScreen

Blue Screens and shut downs

Lots of blue screens - please help!

Many BSOD?s all the time

BSOD Frequent Random Shutdowns

Blue Screen OS version 6.1.7601. locale 1033

BSOD 2 Me 1

Asus Computer Blue Screen

BSOD when AV Receiver is connected to network

BSOD since machine rebuild

BSOD after couple minutes in windows

Random BSOD and happening more and more often.

bsod - Windows 7

Came home to BSOD

BSOD when waking up from standby

BSOD (question would.)

blue screen of death and restarting every time

Need help to understand this BSOD

xbext.sys in bluescreen. help me!

New to Bsod

Bluescreen Death on W7 "Upgrade"

BSOD instantly after a fresh recovery

First Custom Build.BSOD errors and flickering screen

BSOD caused by ntoskrnl.exe and random shut downs

BSOD - Randomly - Different errors?

BSOD when watching videos on youtube

Multiple BSOD even after factory reset

bsod a few seconds after giving shutdown command

BSOD at any time please help

Got BSOD after i joined to lol and turnt off firefox

Asus UL80JT BSOD Wireless Related

Windows XP BSOD happens randomly with same BSOD

Random BSOD every 1-2 days

Asus U50F bsod

BLUESCREEN problems:( Help!

BSOD when computer restarted cause of lost of wifi adapter

Crashing with Blue Screen Error

Random BSOD after hibernate/sleep on Win 7

BSOD when typing account password

BSOD. tried everything I know still does not work

Windows 7 BSOD errors -- New Laptop

BSOD seems to be related to moving system

BSOD when laptop is put into sleep mode

BSOD on computer start up

BSOD - Fresh install of Windows - DELL Diagnostics show hardware is ok

Did a system image restore now get bsod

Blue Screen of Death with additional UI problems.

BSOD on anything Video-YouTube

BSOD every few days (whilst PC idle)

Blue screen keeps happening

Blue Screen randomly on startup

Please Help: BSOD Win7 x64

Blue screen ntoskrnl.exe+1e453

Different BSODs Randomly Occurring again.


Freezing/BSOD - PFN_LIST or memory problem?

Too Many BSOD's now

Crash and Bluescreens

BSOD in random use every day and many times a day

Don' know what caused BSOD

BSOD Whenever I try to boot up my computer.

BSOD randomly. Not sure on problem.

blue screen windows 7 please help

Windows 7 crashed with BSOD

BSOD happens all the time.

BSOD playing Overwatch

BSOD every 30 secs after booting 2 errors code ; 0x50

Random BSOD after a few Hours of a fresh install

Rolled back driver=BSOD

BSOD Closing a Chrome Window Driver IRQ.?

BSOD - upon Win 7 clean Install ?

BSOD when starting up

BSODs too regular since updating to Win 7.

Blue Screen During Gaming

BSOD after leaving computer and monitor sleeps

Computer Error/ BSod troubleshoot

New To Seven's MAJOR ISSUE! (BSOD)

Blue screen when laptop is idle

Blue Screen comes out when playing 2 online games at the same time

Recurring BSOD

BSOD resuming after (hybernation/sleep)

BSOD after a fresh install

Still getting BSOD

BSOD after updates

BSOD on boot

Blue screen during game

Regular BSOD when gaming - almost any game

Various BSODs during startup and/or within early usage.

Win7 Pro 64Bit BSOD upon waking Computer

BSoD attempting shutdown

Random hang and blue screen

Wierd blue screens and black screen (NOT BSOD)

DSOD shortly after booting laptop

BSOD at login

BSOD after adding an external video card error 0x000000124

BSOD: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL now computer very unstable

Computer restarts at blue setup screen.

random BSOD crashes - 5 times in past 3 weeks

Random BSOD problem on somewhat new computer help

another bluescreen error with specs please help

Weird BSOD error in win 7 64 bit

Blue Screen when starting steam

New Built System BSOD HELL

Random BSOD - HDD also takes a while to access at times

A number of different BSOD's from a new rig multiple rebuilds

BSOD while streaming flash videos (0x0000007F)

Third BSOD and system reboot on new build

BSOD after boot splash screen 0x1000007E

BSOD started after cleaning out computer dust & installing gfx driver

Windows 7 BSOD - Help Please

BSOD Crash While Gaming / Idle

Random BSODs After Full-Screening

New here: Help: BSOD right after startup

Need help Intel blames MS and Corsair for BSOD's

BSOD at windows startup

Random BSOD - need help diagnosing

BSOD Randolmly shuts me down.

Random BSOD's since fresh build. Error 0x0000001e.

BlueScreen after connecting to company network

BSOD every time i start up my computer

BlueScreen? Help please!

Frequent BSOD on new system

Bsod; please help find problem

BSOD every time on first startup

BSOD - No Video output

3 BSOD's after new GPU

BSoD (new PC) - Please Help

Bsod on boot new gpu (screen black so cannot give the error code)

BSOD randomly appears in different programs

Need help BSOD you

Crashing Without A Blue Screen

BSOD whenever computer sleeps

Laptop BSOD

BSODs on new install of Windows; driver issue?

BSOD. Fixing Remotely. Haven't seen blue screen in person.

BSOD when in Sleep/Hibernate

several lots of BSOD

Blue screen after shut down

Bluescreens all over

Random BSOD's want to figure this out once and for all

BSOD when running some games

Sudden black screen and restart (with Minidump)

BSOD after installing Graphics Drivers

BSOD when going to/coming from idle


Attack of the Bsod(s) (Win 7)

BSOD appears multiple times per week

System reboting randomly and getting blue screen error

BSOD while playing some games.

Random BSOD occurring

BSOD when I am downloading larger files from the internet. See attach

BSOD crash on first startup (new computer)

BSOD Need Help

BSOD While Browsing or Playing Online Games!

recent & frequent BSOD's. info attached

BSOD mltipul errors.no idea where to go from here

BSOD playing Blizzard games

Multiple Blue Screens Appearing Randomly

Bluescreen error:s:s

Can't shake these BSOD's

Frequent BSOD even while pc is not used

Random BSOD while working with laptop

BSOD when going out of sleep

BSOD Errors when starting

BSOD reading website. 2nd bsod in a week

BSOD tied to network activity?

BSOD after start up.

Various BSODs on a fresh install

BSOD Working

Random BSODs on new machine :(

Several BSOD with different errors 1 when on youtube other when gaming

Several different BSODs mostly at boot.

2X2gb ram = bsod

Blue Screen of Death When i play games

BSOD on win 7 while shutting down

BSOD Starting today 26-7-2013

Blus screen on my laptop

BSOD 90% after every windows start!

Blue screen 000124 from BF3 and occasionally APB

BSOD when ever I start my PC

BSOD at starting windows

BSOD while playing mass effect 3

blue screen appears during multi boot

Hourly BSOD crashes 0x0000007A NTFS.SYS (Minimal knowledge)

BSOD while watching movies

[tut]9 reasons of BSOd

BSOD using HDD for extended periods of time

BSOD Before and After fresh format !

BSOD on fresh install of Win7

BSOD on Startup x 001E

Many BSODs over the past couple days

New built computer bsod's time to time.stop error 0x000000a

BSOD while playing minecraft

Random BDOD. Restoring did not help.

BSOD because of Windows update conflict?

Random BSOD when playing games.

BSOD playing Minecraft

Blue screen when gaming 0x00000050 & 0x00000018

PC just BSOD

BSOD when I try to login.

BSOD Keeps Happening After Clean Install

BSOD on system boot

BSOD when PC goes into sleep mode

5+ Different BSOD Errors

BSOD new or old video card related

Multiple BSOD & Reboots IRQL

2 blue screens of death graphic's card

Windows 7 BSOD frequently

BSOD playing GMOD

BSOD While having few programs on

BSOD when computer is out of sleep mode

Blue Screen Problems

BSOD all the time

BSOD and memory dump while playing facebook game

0x00000116 stop error while playing league of legends please help

What does this BSOD Information Mean?

BSOD when my Computer starts to heat up slightly

Bsod x64

bsod driver issues

New BSOD I Haven't Seen Before

BSOD without reasons

BSOD after windows starts

BSOD after computer has been up for days

BSOD - Playing online games

Frequent BSOD minidump help

BSOD on a new pc

BSOD starting to desktop

multiple blue screens problem

BSOD when trying to update nVidia Ethernet drivers.

Blue Screen Shutdown Problem with Thinkpad.

Suddenly lots of bsod in Win7

BSOD and display problems

New PC Build BSOD.

Random BSOD Death - New Build

Multiple BSODs lately after installing games off Steam

BSOD during very random occasions. Thought it was flash but not sure

Restarting from hibernation get BSOD 0x000000E4 and BSOD 0x0000007B

Blue Screen Multiple Messages

Blue screen in game

Blue screen playing games

Back-to-back BSoD

BSOD - new Dell PC - random BSOD

BSOD Issue when coming out of sleep on Win7 64 Bit laptop

BSOD Using any browser

BSOD on Steam Update

Bsod w7 please help!

BlueScreen plz help

BSOD watching videos and/or useing firefox

BSODs frequently on a Win8 Pro x64 installation; went back to 7.

Started getting different BSOD on Startup without doing anything

Windows 7: BSOD after win7 updates

Blue screens on my Netbook

Another BSOD crash

BSOD at random esp. during startup

BSOD - Random - Last occured when copying files to a USB drive

Bsod Issue coming from different GPU

Acer Netbook BSOD

BSOD Help and Support - Random BSOD

BSOD finally!

the laptop starts but ends with a blue screen

Win 7X64 BSOD

Blue screen problem on windows ultimate 64 bit

I keep getting BSOD

BSOD sleep mode

BSOD while using the internet

BSOD on restart and shutdown

BSOD 0x0000000A when connecting to the internet via mobile broadband

BSOD and wont shut down

BSOD playing Simcity while watching Twitch stream

RANDOM BSODs with different codes

HS is missing

BSOD in formatted PC

Windows 7 BSOD!

BSOD twice in 5 days

BSOD - Win7 32-bit

Windows 7: BSOD New Graphics Card installiation

BSOD booting

BSOD - getting them regularly and not sure how to diagnose the problem

BSOD on W7 Install

Another Blue Screen Problem

BSOD With No Known Prompt

Blue screen Playing GTA V.

BSOD while playing video games

Several Issues with system//BSOD

Driver BSOD

Help me with a Blue Screen

Random BSOD with iusb3hub.sys when starting windows

Custom Build PC Random BSOD sometimes

BSOD should I be really worried?

BSOD - Constant Problem

BSOD on Windows 7 Premium

BSoD Part 2: The Return

BSOD On Windows Logo

BSOD upon logging into Windows 7

Different 2 BlueScreen ?

BSOD only after long time without power supply

Keep BSOD-Cant get to desktop at all

Many different BSODs after reinstall becomes freezes

BSOD with windows startup

USB Wireless Causing Conflict

Frequent BSOD after new OS/memory install

HELP! i am quite stupid with computers. BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH! :(((

BSOD especially during Games

BSOD with buzzing sounds

BSOD when wifi stops working

Occasional BSODs during everyday use

BSOD when loading games

BSOD Windows 7 Help Plzz

Restoring a Window's 7 with a blue screen

BSOD at login screen

Multi BSOD over time (Win 7 64bit--overclocked)

BSOD on home theater pc

BSOD and freezing on new computer

Randomly experiencing BSOD while on the internet/multiple windows open

BSOD crash opening games

BSOD after coming out of sleep mode

BSOD's after log on

BSOD after closing NBA 2k15

BSOD every three days

dumb bsod

BSOD while Win 7 computer in sleep mode

BSOD while shutting down

BSOD playing Youtube

BSOD for no reason HELP. I don't know why

BSOD only while playing a game

BSOD after computer goes to sleep

Help required for BSOD errors

Multiple Bluescreen Errors in four days

BSOD Win 7 Ent

Help on bsod.win7 64

HP DV6000 BSOD help

BSoD when booting up

Video Related BSOD (Nvidia)

BSOD on fresh instal. Prob. hardware issue.

BSOD while im on the computer

BSOD - Cause: ? - 4 different minidumps included

Blue screen over again

BSOD on correct shutdown

BSOD: problems with video card driver?

BSOD trying to install 7

BSOD during game install

BSOD twice today dont know the origin of the problem

BSOD when connected to the internet

BSOD intermittently

Continuously returning BSOD

Random Bsod different reasons

Window 7 crash BSOD

BSOD while booting up windows(instant)(in SafeMode after a while)

BSOD - Blue Screen of Death

Windows 7 BSOD on boot

BSODs happening a lot now

Problem: Blue Screen HELP

Random BSOD's -- Sending an e-mail

BSOD When Loading Steam

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